Metokos Press

About Us

Since my seminary days in the early ‘70s, my assumption had always been that those who write from a Reformed and Presbyterian theological position primarily concentrate on two kinds of books.  Many of those books are scholarly in nature, seemingly theologians writing to each other, with the very small target market of Christian Studies majors in college, seminary students and other professors.

Others do write at a somewhat lower academic level, but even these tend to be Sunday school textbooks (many with 13 chapters!) and as helpful as they tried to make them, the material is still inaccessible to those who were not already at least open to (if not convinced of) the Reformed position.

With that in mind, I started Metokos Press to publish books written from a position that is thoroughly rooted in the Reformed faith and Presbyterian principles, but at the same time (for the most part) avoids highlighting theological differences. I originally envisioned the target market for this series being made up of two general classes of people:

Those who are committed Christians but who are not satisfied with the teaching of the churches of which they have been a part but are not even aware of another evangelical, Bible believing choice.
Members and/or prospective officers of evangelical Reformed churches.

Since the creation of Metokos Press back in the early 2000’s, much has changed in publishing. I believe there is now an even wider market for books with sound Biblical truth that are designed to be easily accessible.
If I were to choose a theme verse for this imprint, it would be Psalm 119:130 (ESV):  “The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple.”

Don Clements, 2013